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From Fleece to Skein

A Visit to the Mora Valley Spinning Mill and How Yarn Is Made. Location: Mora, New Mexico The textile industry is the world’s oldest branch of manufacturing for consumer goods. Over recent years, however, there has been growing concern about … Continue reading

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Donde Viven Alpaca

Location: Victory Ranch – Mora, New Mexico   About ten miles from my home the Lower Farm is a herd of alpaca. Horses, cattle or even sheep may come to mind when thinking about livestock in New Mexico but in … Continue reading

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retreat releases stress

Two week retreat at the Lower Farm – a review “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”  – Albert Camus [The Minotaur] At the Lower Farm there is no TV, no radio, … Continue reading

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2014 Lower Farm Retreat

Aloha Friends, Just a quick note informing I will be off on retreat for the rest of the month. I will be spending time in New Mexico at my property in the mountains. A retreat will do me wonders and … Continue reading

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The Campo Santo at Cimarron, New Mexico

Grounded in the local landscape and integral to the traditions and cultural identity of the people of northern New Mexico are their cemeteries. Campo Santo is the Spanish word for burial ground. During the New Mexico colonial period when Catholic … Continue reading

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cloud form entertainment and recent activities

I’ve lately been nourishing my roots. The last two weeks of July were wonderfully spent in the western part of the United States, traveling and hiking in Colorado and northern New Mexico where I once lived. This adventure in the … Continue reading

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Petroglyph Symbols and ART – Three Rivers, New Mexico

Indigenous Culture Petroglyph: pet-ro-glyph (pe-truh-glif): noun: a drawing or carving on rock, made by a member of a prehistoric people. [C1870: via French from Greek petra  stone + gluphē  carving] Prehistoric: pre-his-tor-ic (prē-(h)is-ˈtȯr-ik): adjective: of, relating to, or belonging to the … Continue reading

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