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Circling Towards Solstice

Northern Hemisphere Early May. There are more hours of sunlight now. The days are growing longer. What did you get done for yourself today? The sun is circling towards the summer solstice. The longest daylight day of the year 2014 … Continue reading

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Drug Store Cure

Health If a person started to experience shaking and/or trembling in their arms and legs, any sort of hearing loss, problems with vision, stomach pain, fatigue, confusion or memory problems, dizziness, depression; they would promptly alert their physician or consult … Continue reading

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Perennial Fruit Rewards

Expand Your Food Base. Add Variety…Improve Health…Advance Sustainability…Restore the Environment There are few things I enjoy more than walking down to the gardens edge to pick a fresh snack or gather a few fruits to place in the refrigerator to … Continue reading

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The Absentee Blogger

An Explanation To those kind friends and followers of Earth Stone Station I’d like to explain my sudden disappearance and lack of communication over the past few months. For two years I kept a promise to myself to follow through … Continue reading

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The Aloha Spirit is a reference to the friendly and caring attitude for which the people of the Hawaiian Islands are so well known. In Hawaiʻi someone can be said to have or show “Aloha” in the way they treat … Continue reading

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earthstonestation enviro-news

This has been an interesting week with two important news reports about the environment being published. Both are reports about a first – one bad, one good. The First report from Hawaii could affect every living thing on the planet. … Continue reading

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Liberty Gardens – Art and Media

Grow Your Own In the First World War patriotism at home called for planting what were called Liberty Gardens. Beginning in WW I and again in WW II everyday urban citizens were encouraged by the government to grow their own … Continue reading

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