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Drug Store Cure

Health If a person started to experience shaking and/or trembling in their arms and legs, any sort of hearing loss, problems with vision, stomach pain, fatigue, confusion or memory problems, dizziness, depression; they would promptly alert their physician or consult … Continue reading

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Old Time same as the New Time

Simpler yes but no more time. In this crowded hive of humming buzzing humanity that is today’s society it is not uncommon to hear people express a longing for life in a simpler era. Quite often this yearning for the … Continue reading

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Ghost Town Girl

South Park City, Colorado 18- – EXT.  FRONT STREET – WEST, SOUTH PARK CITY – DAY, MORNING Street is vacant. No people or dogs are seen anywhere. A faint breeze rustling aspen leaves is all that is heard and then … Continue reading

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Travel by coach, stage coach

The Butterfield Overland Mail Company ran a stage line of 2,800 miles  in 1858 that could deliver mail from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco in 25 days,with twice a week departures. The responsibility and priority of the Butterfield line … Continue reading

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Colorado Migration, Mountain Men and Miners

The Colorado Rocky Mountains were formed about 80-55 million years ago…….then the  first village was built, 1851. 13,000 years ago the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains was a major migration route that contributed to the spread of Paleo-Indian peoples … Continue reading

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Gandy Dancing on the D&RGW

In the Heart of the Rocky Mountains. The Main Line has tight curves and a steep steady grade as it hugs the hillside ascending the Front Range. There are 17 tunnels in the first 30 miles the rails climbs  from … Continue reading

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Old Mountain Friends

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…” ― John Muir Going to the mountains is certainly like going home for me. I lived in … Continue reading

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