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The eerie aura of Mo’okini

From generation to generation the story of Mo’okini has been told. On the northernmost tip of Hawai’i Island sits a massive stone ruins. The winds across Upolu Point rustle the grass of the hillside. The stones of the solitary ruins … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Hale

Hale. (HAH- leh). Hawaiian word for house. Ancient Hawaiians lived sustainably and recognized that human civilization is an integral part of the natural world. If the human community is to survive, the natural world and nature must be preserved and … Continue reading

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Chacoan Culture – architecture and abandonment

 Chaco Culture National Historic Park is remarkable. The canyon’s breathtaking architecture has drawn visitors from around the world. A thousand years ago Chaco Canyon was the center of a phenomenal culture. Monumental public architecture was constructed with rocks, mud, stone … Continue reading

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Chacoan Culture – Masonry

Chaco Culture National Historical Park preserves one of America’s richest and most fascinating cultural and historic areas. Local resources I had been to Chaco Canyon on a memorable excursion 15 years ago. I was able to revisit there the summer … Continue reading

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Church Architecture of Old Hawai’i

The Built Environment refers to the human-made surroundings. Early Hawaiians altered the land to a minor degree for agricultural purposes, for village and home sites and the construction of stone heiau for religious practices. People ventured to the upland forests … Continue reading

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The Empire State Building a model for climate action

The Built Environment I’m encouraged when I find examples of sustainable climate action. Successful projects pave the way for others and remove uncertainty, especially when financial matters are considered. Climate action that reduces carbon gases, conserves energy resources and has a lasting … Continue reading

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94 Years of Building Boxes – the International Style

The Built Environment Less is More is a dictum repeated so often it has become ingrained in the lexicon, consciousness and aesthetics of our society. It is a complex and contradictory concept. Certainly it is not evident in the commercialism … Continue reading

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