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Red Chile Ristras

  Common throughout New Mexico are seen strings of chile peppers hanging from porch rafters and along walls. As the peppers dry they turn a vibrant red. A cheerful color during the autumn and winter months. The dried pods will … Continue reading

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Location, location, location

My Location Real estate agents will tell you that location is everything. From a business standpoint that makes perfect sense.¬† A successful business location should have good visibility, favorable traffic patterns and a density of population. Urban home values are … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Update: 2 December 2018 December 2nd and a light snow falls in the mountains of northern New Mexico. A good day for me to be indoors, cozy near the warmth of the wood stove. A good day to pick up … Continue reading

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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Always nice to take a break on the back porch.     Meanwhile I’m writing about a Hawaiian hale. Aloha, Dohn  

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Wind Farm – Cons, part 3

Wind Turbines Generate Electricity and Controversy: a series on whats¬† in the wind. Opponents objections and concerns regarding wind turbines can be listed in eight distinct categories: Visual, Noise, Intermittent Power, Bird/Bat deaths, Altering Vegetation, Fire, Ice and Pollutants. In … Continue reading

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Preview Windows

Springtime 2011 the Lower Farm Historic Preservation and Sustainability Council conducted a workshop that used the common everyday window as a subject of art, history and a means to explore the built environment around us. The photographs, observations and stories … Continue reading

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Whats in the name ?

Names are symbols of identity. For humans (cats, dogs and other pets) someone other than the identified assigns a name. Usually the mother and father , sometimes influenced by relatives, will give the child a name. Different cultures may use … Continue reading

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