satirical ART of surrealist Pawel Kuczynski

A commentary on technology and the influence it has on our everyday lives.

Polish born artist Pawel Kuczynski creates surreal fantastical compositions, where anything and everything is possible. He looks at contemporary issues through the lens of satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality.

When you take a closer look, what at first seemed a funny cartoon actually shows some serious problems in today’s world. That is the art of satire.











Imagine family dinner not with healthful food and conversation about the day’s events, but sitting around a wireless router saying grace before partaking in the glow radiating from the blue screens of their tablets and mobile devices. It has become common for the internet and  social media to become a substitute for experiencing the natural world and personal conversation.

New technologies are coming in the near future. Brick and mortar retail stores, manufacturing, transportation, increased automation, media and communication will continue to be affected by change. How will these unknown technologies change the social fabric of society?





















































































































Each of us will have viewed the art of Pawel Kaczynski differently. Each of us will take away something different from these drawings. On a second viewing our interpretation may change. What at first seems humorous takes on a deeper meaning. These improbable drawings, fantastical as they may seem, are based in a deeper truth that speaks of our cultural reality.

Did you enjoy the thought provoking art of Pawel Kuczynski? In January 2012 I posted a gallery of Kuczynski’s earlier artwork. You can find that post here.

Keep exploring.

Aloha, Dohn



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