Apple Blossoms and Lilacs


Apple blossoms bring back memories of my youth. In back of the homes across the street from where I lived was a long narrow cornfield. Running in a perfectly straight line on the far side of the cornfield was “the woods” or wilderness to me. A clean straight border that divided the modern world from the wilds of nature. Growing on the very edge of the border line was a mature old apple tree. Full of blooms, the tree gave off the sweetest of smells. I scrambled up the scaly trunk and plucked three small branches full of buds. I took them home and proudly gave them to my mother. “Oh flowers for me?” she exclaimed. They made her happy (although all the petals fell off in a day or two). That was my first gift of a bouquet of flowers. A memory of long ago.

From my porch I watched the wild apple tree in my neighbors field fill with blossoms pink and white. The beauty of Spring and new growth. So to do the lilac bushes purple blooms appear in mid May. Driving by in my automobile I would marvel at the purple, white and lavender cones backed by an azure sky. The beauty of Spring.

Apple blossoms and lilac blooms do not last long. I almost missed the blooming this year. The weather here in the canyon had been rather cool with blustery winds. I dismissed the idea of traipsing about in the fields. At last a warmer day and a break in the clouds, I ventured out and was richly rewarded.

Standing under the apple tree I felt at peace breathing the gentle fragrance of the blossoms above. Later when snipping a few sprigs of lilac the smell released heightened all my senses. Spring is a time for smelling the reawakening and new growth. Sightseeing by automobile has its place but it is no substitute for being up close to flowers and trees in nature.

Mother Nature abounds with wonder. The geology of the Earth with grand vistas and majestic mountains, water filled lakes and rivers, deserts and dense forests, and an incredible diversity of animals around the globe. Humans evolved because of agriculture. Our ancestors grew natural organic foods and farmers have always had to deal with the vagaries of weather. The weather forecast for this growing season looks favorable and if all goes well I look forward to a good old fashioned, organic apple harvest this year.

Scientists and chemists have developed new foods to feed a growing population by gene splicing, use of byproducts and inclusion of fillers and chemicals. These practices bring into question how these altered foods affect human health and farm soils.

An Apple Orchard in the Spring  …… William Martin

“…..Have you plucked the apple blossoms in the Spring?     In the Spring?    And caught their subtle odors in the Spring,     Pink buds pouting at the light,     crumpled petals baby white,     Just to touch them a delight –     In the Spring.

…..If you have not, then you know not, in the Spring,     In the Spring,     Half the color, beauty, wonder of the Spring!     No sweet sight can I remember     half so precious half so tender,     As the apple blossoms render     In the Spring!”

Lilacs…….Edgar Albert Guest

“It’s hard to find fault with the world     with the old- fashioned lilacs in bloom.     We all are together again,     The mother that loved them is here;    The grandfather taps with his cane      The walks that he once held so dear.     The family circle is whole     And sunshine has banished the gloom,     And memories sweet flood the soul,                                                  With the old-fashioned lilacs in bloom.

Home is nearer to Heaven it seems,
And the stream that divides not so vast;
For we live once again in our dreams
The scenes of our sanctified past.
And back to us come in a troop
The loved ones, asleep in the tomb,
To sit for a while on the stoop.

With the old-fashioned lilacs in bloom,     The lilacs in bloom at the door,     Then the banners of grouchdom are furled     And life is worth living once more,     The loved ones gone yonder come back     To breath once again their perfume,     And joy has a clear, open track.”

Do you have a memory of apple blossoms and lilacs?

Peace and Aloha, Dohn

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3 Responses to Apple Blossoms and Lilacs

  1. Pit says:

    What a beauty! 🙂

  2. Paula Byrd says:

    Wow! You took me straight back to New Hanover Ave. in Meriden! Lilac bushes bordered the front porch, and in the Spring the blooms would be so heavy on the branches they would bend and touch the ground. The fragrance was heavenly as it wafted through the open windows (you know we had to air out the house the first warm-ish day following the long winter). In the back yard were apple trees; a couple of red-delicious trees and my favorite McIntosh tree. Dad built us kids a “tree fort” amidst the wide-spread branches. It wasn’t much more than a platform with a railing and some benches, and it was accessed by a “ladder” of 2×4 rungs nailed into the trunk. The tree was at the bottom of a hill that bordered our yard and the neighbors’ and there was a rope swing that allowed us to climb the hill and leap off the top of the hill hanging onto that rope for dear life! That fort was a sailing vessel, a space ship, a fairy castle, an army fort…..depending what was in our imaginations at the time.The best time to be up there in that tree was in the Spring when the blossoms were lush and plentiful. Those were the fairy castle days.

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