A Season of Crystals

For The Beauty Of The Earth

From under obscured skies and clouds small crystals drift down to land softly and settle into growing mounds of white. Green pine and fir stand in contrast whilst bending boughs cushion the accumulating tiny crystals. Even a tiny snowflake has weight. Multiplied by a thousand million times the weight of winter is upon us.

The winter hare, ermine and snowy owl are in an advantageous habitat now, primed and ready to pounce. For all the different species there is a habitat and place on Mother Earth. The crystal snows will melt, they surely will. The waters moistening the soil, migrating underground to meet the Rio Morphy and flow to the Mora and Canadian rivers onward to the sea.

Each season has its time and beauty. Spring with emerging colorful flora and the tender unfurling leaves of trees, summer’s green with growing things, autumn’s gold and fruitful harvest, winter’s white with longest nights, all is beauty if we look just right.

Mother Earth provides for us, Father Sun shines down. The rocks and rivers, the mountains and the seas are full of life if we but look around. Please help us to maintain a balance with the earth and its varied seasons. Help protect all species from the very grand in size to the very very small. There is a delicate web of life to preserve.

For the beauty of the earth, sing all, sing all praise.

Aloha, Dohn


About earthstonestation

promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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