Earth Day Project

Plastic Water Bottles

About six years ago I initiated a recycling program at my place of employment. I work at a vacation resort where guests stay for a few days or a few weeks. Having so many people come and go I recognized an opportunity to make a difference in the amount of trash being hauled to the land fill. Bins and bags are now provided for guests to place aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass and cardboard which is then separated and taken to a local recycling center. Two to three pick-up truck loads are collected every week. The largest portion of this ‘trash’ is plastic water bottles.

For Earth Day this year my maintenance team built a ten foot tall water bottle of recycled material to bring attention to the amount of plastic bottles that are used once and tossed away.

Recycling is not enough, we must Reduce disposable products and buy Re-useable items.









Did you know that there are 8 million tons of plastic that enter the oceans every year? That equals 5 grocery bags for every foot of coastline around the globe. In the next decade that amount of plastic is expected to increase by tenfold unless the world finds a better way to manage it’s waste.

Plastic does not decompose like organic matter, it only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. In the ocean environment fish, turtles and birds mistake the brightly colored particles of plastic for food. Undigested the plastic remains in the animals stomach and they die. Eventually some of those fish may end up on your dinner plate. The threat to our already endangered oceans is catastrophic.

That plastic water bottle that ended up in the ocean? It will remain in the maritime environment for 450 years, and fishing line….600 years. Let that sink in.

Can you please use a more permanent multi-use container for your drinking water?

Thank you for your help.


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4 Responses to Earth Day Project

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  2. Pit says:

    Hi Dohn,
    That’s an impressive “monument” you and your staff created.
    You’re so right about that waste and pollution by plastics. Re my drinking water: I use out tap water here, in a plastic bottle I bought for mineral water a long time ago and am re-using now. Unfortunately, my carbonated mineral water still comes in plastic bottles. But at least our city of Fredericksburg/TX recycles those. I wish they’d also recycle glass bottles – which I’m used to from my native Germany.
    Take care,

  3. akmshihab says:

    Reblogged this on Divergent and commented:
    nice !

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