B&W ART Montage

Water Woes

Those of you who have known me for awhile, know of my appreciation for Surrealist Art. Surrealism uses visual imagery from the subconscious mind to spur the imagination. The art is a juxtaposition of two or more distant realities found together, producing  illogical and startling effects. Surrealism addresses the cultural, social and political aspects of the human experience and our beliefs.

The human experience is about to go through deep change if environmental conditions continue to exacerbate climate change and sea level rise. For most people climate change is an abstract idea, hard to visualize how it will affect their surroundings. The gallery of photographs below, have in common the element of water. I don’t know what the artist was thinking but my imagination or subconscious leads me to reflect on sea level rise.

The Earth reality is so fragile.

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (11)

 Urban Offering

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (3)

Crash Course in Italian

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (6)

O Duomo Mio

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (7)

Sightseeing was a Blast

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (9)

Swell Time in Town

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (18)

Somethings Fishy

Thomas barbey surreal photography - chicquero -  (17)



Thomas Barbèy grew up in Geneva, Switzerland.When a young man, he moved to Italy, where he lived in Milan for 15 years making a living as a successful recording artist, lyricist and fashion photographer. Today, he resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife Suzanne and pursues fine art black and white photography.

“Every image is the combination of at least two or more negatives that give birth to a completely unusual vision,” says Barbey. “The inspirations for my work comes from many years of traveling all over the world, everyday life and from some of my favorite artists, such as René Magritte, M.C. Escher or Roger Dean. I bring my Mamiya RB 67 or several old Canon AE-1s wherever we go to shoot my photographs.

Thomas exhibits in galleries throughout the world and is included in many private collections. You can view his extensive work and learn about Thomas Barbey here: http://thomasbarbey.com/thomas-barbey-gallery.cfm?p=1

 Appreciate your own creative imagination. Explore your mind.

Aloha, Dohn


About earthstonestation

promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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6 Responses to B&W ART Montage

  1. pavanneh says:

    Very interesting. Great work.

  2. Fantastic. Thank you for the introduction.

  3. O Duomo Mio is unbelievable. It captures the feeling you have as you glide in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs.

  4. Rajiv says:

    Superb. Super tones. I love the play of line and pattern. It pulls you in

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