Transmitting at Sunset

…Copy. Receiving. Over.

083As one might imagine, Hawai’i is a popular tourist destination with a Kodak scenic moment around every bend in the road. Deep clear waters, swaying palm trees, waterfalls, rainbows and a kaleidoscope of exotic flowers all here to fill the shutterbug’s photographers dream. The highlight of any vacation memory is of course the sunset snapshot.

For generations of travelers to the islands, the end of a perfect day has been to find a romantic spot on a sandy shore or perch on a seawall with waves lapping beneath the feet and watch the sun descend the western sky. Since the invention of color film the family photographer with Brownie  Polaroid  Instamatic  35mm camera in hand would patiently wait for the most vivid of colors to appear as the sun slipped beyond the far horizon. A press of a button, the whirr of the shutter, and the memory of a lifetime was saved for posterity.

Saving for posterity is a rather odd amalgam of time and space. An object from the present (which is NOW) is put away for the future and when that future time occurs (which is NOW) the object is retrieved and reviewed and it is mentioned that this thing is from the past (although it represents NOW). I’ve gotten sidetracked here, I wanted to talk about the modern world. This marvelous modern world of new NOW technology.

In the past dozen years technology has changed the world of work, play and communication in profound ways. Here, way out in laid back Hawai’i we may be a little behind the times as to the latest street fashions or fad but are definitely up to date with the most current  electronic device, game, program and app. At least the younger generation is; me – I’m sorta behind the times.

In Kona, towards end of the day people like to gather near the shore to watch the sun slide into the ocean. Cameramen with long barreled lenses take photographs, boyfriends take snapshots of girlfriends. Now and then I’ve noticed some folks holding their telephone at arms length, out towards the sun. Are they sending a message? I’m not sure how that works. Can you ping pong a message off the sun and have it bounce back to friends on the other side of the world? Another possibility would be that a signal transmitted at sunset will then be transmitted back towards the rotating Earth for a 24 hour period before fading away. I’ve read that there is a lot of potential in harnessing the energy from the sun, that’s a big thing right NOW. The apps they are developing these days for telephones are certainly pretty amazing.

Curious I decided to find out more about this energy derived from light waves, radio waves, magnetic, solar whatever it is and the telephone thing. Late one afternoon during the golden hour I approached a hip looking 20 something male sitting back against a palm facing out to sea. While he tapped a mini keyboard with his thumbs I introduced myself and asked him ” Do you know anything about transmitting phone signals to the sun at this time of day?” He sat up slowly and looked at me for a moment with one eyebrow raised. Shifting his gaze to the open water and sunset, he picked up his phone and briefly held it up over his head. ” That’s it” I said. “Are you transmitting at sunset?”

The kid stared at me again then broke into a grin ” Dude, I’m not transmitting, I’m receiving! I’m receiving sunset. I’m picking up on this vibe. I’m receiving all this light and energy from the sun. I’m receiving a blessing right now. Sunset is a time to receive.” I asked him about the telephone pointed skyward. “Ahhh” he replied “That telephone has a wide angle photo lens on the case and built in high definition digital camera. I was just now receiving light waves from the sun and the camera converts light into energy and that is used to record an image for posterity.”

“Well that’s new NOW” I said.

” Totally, Dude!”

That was then and this is NOW or Now and then….whatever. Signing Off. Over and Out.

Happy Trails, Dohn

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2 Responses to Transmitting at Sunset

  1. A “Kodak” moment?
    You guys got them big brown BEARS over in Hawaii?
    I thought they only had them on that island John Locke and Hurley crashed on.

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