A Childs Prayer In The Evening

In the evening as a young lad with face freshly scrubbed, hair combed and teeth brushed, dressed in pajama top and bottoms I would kneel on the braided rug beside my bed with hands clasped, arms resting lightly on the mattress edge. My father, hands in pockets would stand in the doorway to my room, saying nothing, silently observing, a silhouette in the hallway.

In the evening as a young lad I would confront my death, as I was kneeling saying prayers. Death could strike me any night as I lay there in my bed. I thought if I had to die it was probably far better for it to happen while I was tucked between clean sheets under a comforting blanket than to be trampled by a herd of stampeding cattle on a dusty trail or be savaged by an angry bear in a remote wilderness or to be swept into an immense whirlpool while crossing a stormy sea. I was not afraid of death at night, because fast asleep I’d be, and would not even know.

In the evening as a young lad I would recite my bedtime prayer. At the end of this short verse I would pause and take a breath. Then I would say the extra line that was added after, a request of holy grace. Comforted, I then would know if I should die that night, all the other people that I loved would be free to go on living and they would remember me, tell stories and say “he was good boy”.



Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

and if I die before I wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take

 God bless mother and father and sister and brother and my dog Sparky and aunt Sally and aunt Virginia and my teacher Mrs. Wooten…..

and Cathy


and Pit

and Alen

and Richard

and Gneiss Moon

and Southwest Desert Lover

and all my other WordPress friends

Amen, Dohn

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promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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7 Responses to A Childs Prayer In The Evening

  1. McEff says:

    Dohn, the world is a far better place because of people like you. We listen to the news every day and all we hear is the same tired all stuff about conflict, anxiety, political back-biting and death and destruction. It’s easy to forget that the world is full of people who care, people who just want to get on with their lives and contribute something towards the common good.
    Thank you my friend. Alen

  2. Elisabeth Koehlnhofer says:

    What a consoling prayer! The added extra line reminds me of my childhood…
    May God guard you Dohn!

  3. Chris says:

    I may have said it before, but you’re a kind and loving spirit. The world is a better place with you here keeping an eye out for us. Many blessings to you as well.

  4. What a sweet and gentle man you are, my friend. Thank you.

  5. Cathy says:

    Bless you too Dohn. x

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