cloud form entertainment and recent activities

I’ve lately been nourishing my roots.

001The last two weeks of July were wonderfully spent in the western part of the United States, traveling and hiking in Colorado and northern New Mexico where I once lived. This adventure in the Rocky Mountains was a vacation filled with memories and entertainment coming not from I-Phone, television or internet but from the grandeur of the vistas looking out where earth meets sky, and inspiration had from those whose lives are twined to their environment, close in a relationship with the natural world.

Simple pleasures suffice for them, like watching clouds. The picture above for instance of a storm sweeping in towards the Lower Farm. Just left of center in the cumulus mass on the horizon you see two dark eyelids in a mask of white, mounted over a snout or muzzle with a slightly open grin. Wispy whiskers there and an enormous arm reaching, stretching oer the mountains, a grasping hand, a seal faced  creature. A mythological being that swims across eternal skies. What thrilling tales to tell (or educate) the children.

In the course of the next few weeks I’ll tell you stories of my visit to the  high country, ghost towns, 008mountain music festivals, fiestas, rodeos and railroads. My roots are in this cowboy country where children learn to ride a horse at the age of three and that of mountain men and old time miners plying gold from mountains 12,000 feet above the sea. There was no time for a retreat or meditation at my sanctuary the Lower Farm this year. Only there for a few days I did some cleaning, washed the windows but did little in repairs. The old adobe casa stands strong, a sentinel on the edge of wilderness. From there springs my inspiration for this blog – Earth Stone Station … for the beauty of the earth. I’ll tell y’all more in awhile.

Happy Trails, Dohn

About earthstonestation

promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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14 Responses to cloud form entertainment and recent activities

  1. McEff says:

    Great stuff, Dohn. Wide skies, distant hills, and adventures in wild places. I’m hooked already.

  2. Isn’t cloud watching wonderful? I find the best images tend to be in the evening at our place in Spain, usually prehistoric monsters, although we’ve seen lots of spaceships too. depends on the formation of course.

    Good to hear you enjoyed it and looking forward to your posts.

  3. I love the way you described the clouds! They really are beautiful!

  4. Gneiss Moon says:

    Aeromancy, fabulous ! Plus the Rockies, R&R. Good to hear from you, been on my mind since I heard of Flossie. Looking forward to tales of festies… Peace !

  5. Sharon K. says:

    Lovely post. Nothing could be more soul-nourishing than the scenario you just described. I love the cheshire cat cloud! 🙂

  6. Dohn,
    I was wondering what your thoughts were on chemtrails. Have you listened to any interviews of Dane Wigginton regarding chemtrails, and if so, what is your take on him and the alarming message he brings? I’m trying to determine if the health threats from spraying are real, in which case I would write about the phenomenon, or not.
    Thank you,

    • Jerry I have seen ‘chemtrails’ in NM but can not speak on the truth or danger. I’ve also seen lots of vapor trails and odd weather effects plus lots of ariel surveillance mapping. I don’t quite buy in to the govt. spraying mind control tranquilizer dust theory however. I’m much more concerned with Montsanto and their dirty tricks which are verifiable.

  7. Beautiful clouds. Glad you had a wonderful time:)

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