Back Yard Birds at the bananas


In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence – Robert Lynd

016020015007033037A book, a chair, a camera and a quiet afternoon in the backyard.


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11 Responses to Back Yard Birds at the bananas

  1. Priya Ghose says:

    Such a variety of birds…wonderful post!

  2. Christian says:

    Great images! must have been an lovely afternoon.

  3. Hello Beautiful blog. I am so enamored with your photos of your feathered friends staking their territory atop the Banana tree. I love how most just stand proudly smack at the top and proclaim their ownership. Albeit fleeting.

    I especially like your Lynd quote too. I am going to put that in my home. It is nice mindful reminder to take a moment, and to get quiet. I start my early mornings out with the sun rising and my own backyard feathered friends songs Not a lovelier way to begin a new day in my word.

    Really charming post ~ BB

    • Should I call you Baroness or Barefoot? Let the birdsong bring you peace.

      • So touched that would ask. Thank you. Please know I would be honored if you were to call me by my first name which is Toni. However my name Lady Barefoot Baroness is just as much who I am, as it is a nick name my grandmother gave me. MY reluctance to wear shoes.even as a toddler was her muse.
        So let it be your choice. . .

  4. What a delicious post, Dohn, the words and the pictures…beautiful…

  5. Wonderful sequence. Birds are beautiful and the bananas look good. Can’t believe they are in your yard.

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