Bloom where you are planted.


Prickly Pear

We all begin as a tiny seed containing elements of what’s to be. Every animal and plant starts out that way, a pod of cosmic dust and strings of DNA. By circumstance, no choice of where or when, in nursery, cast in field or blown by wind the mystery of birth unfolds and life begins.

How fortunate when seeds are sown in fertile loam, growing into rose or fruit, cared and tended, nurtured to perfection but even faced with harsh conditions, desert sands or frozen north, all species can adapt to challenges, develop strategies and strength to reach their full potential.

Plants have roots (as most humans do) while birds and fish seem to wander free but each species has a habitat, a place they are adapted to. Each struggles to survive with what resources are at hand, and in the niche that they inhabit, they contribute beauty to a web that circles water, air and land.

In that habitat, the environment where seeds are sown all share the sun and moon, the stars, a drop of rain. All species of the web (except for man) help keep the Earth in balance, and for the gift of sun and rain, create beauty and offer their inherent talent. Some provide a luscious fruit, some perfume the air, there are bird symphonies to please the ear, dazzling rainbow colors for the eye. There are acrobats, aerialists and athletes, artists, singers, entertainers and clowns that exhibit their ability in the Incredible Magical Web of Life Circus.

The question then, what of man? What does he contribute? With his giant brain, ego and Id where in the web does he fit in? Does he not appreciate the sun and moon, the stars, a drop of rain? In the struggle for survival every species does his best to bloom except for modern man who has become so apathetic that he fouls his room, a parasite amongst the rest.

I believe no matter who, we all have a talent. Make the best of what you have, help others on the way. Share your knowledge, nurture children, create beauty, grow. Take responsibility for your place in the Web of Life Circus and if you must, reinvent yourself so that you can bloom where you are planted.

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promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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9 Responses to Bloom where you are planted.

  1. Abha says:

    So true what you have written here. As humans we have degenerated into money making machines who are never satisfied, destroying all surroundings to satisfy his greed

  2. Jane Louise Photography says:

    Beautiful photo and inspiring words! We can each be a caring caretaker of this beautiful world. Thank you for your comment about my cardinal photo. I hope to see the cardinals in Hawaii someday! Peace and joy!

  3. I used to quote and journal that saying over and over. I find that plenty of sun, water, love , and intention improve the blooming process.

    Namaste, Linda

  4. Open Up Life says:

    Reblogged this on Serene One and commented:
    An interesting piece. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

  5. Open Up Life says:

    An informative and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and appreciate you visiting my blog. Have a beautiful day! Peace and love, Tammy

  6. Cathy says:

    Thanks for those wise words Dohn. Very true and so beautifully expressed.

  7. mabbsonsea says:

    Thank you – that’s a timely message for me. I love the photo, too.

  8. Wonderful post Dohn… what you say is so true, both simple and profound, like all great things on earth.. thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring words

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