The Stream Of Our Years

A Poem

Water runs through our lives, our religion, society, art, music and sustains all the species on the planet. For the past month I have been thinking and writing about the water cycle,  how much water there is on Earth and trying to advance a new awareness of this precious resource. I will leave the topic (for now) with these few words…

poem, the stream of our years

Aloha, Dohn

About earthstonestation

promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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15 Responses to The Stream Of Our Years

  1. McEff says:

    I enjoyed the poem and I’ve found the water series interesting and stimulating, Dohn. It’s very easy to take water for granted, and I suppose most of us have been doing just that. Thanks for raising our awareness.
    Cheers, Alen

  2. Nativegrl77 says:

    you sir are definitely gifted … it has been awhile – thank you

  3. i read the poem a few times, imagining time exactly as you describe. wonderful. only thing, “infinite” is misspelled.

  4. jpgreenword says:

    Hello Dohn,
    We are actually talking about water in my grade 8 science class. After having talked about rivers, lakes, and erosion, I’ve decided to talk to them about the importance of fresh water and the “dumb” things we are doing with it. As a result, I am showing them a documentary titled “Flow”. Honestly, I think it will be a bit “over their head”, but still, I think it’s worth a try.
    However, the point here is that you might be interested in watching it.

  5. Tarek Ahmed says:

    is there a way we can cooperate together sir ?

  6. Cathy says:

    That’s beautiful Dohn. Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts and words!

  7. Beautiful, Dohn – a real gift, thank you

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