Canned Goods

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I’ve had long love affair with food. Reckon some of my favorite memories are about food, long as I can remember. As youngen I knew every wild apple tree, plumb thicket and rhubarb patch in my territory. My father showed me where the best dewberrys grew. In Autumn I would go with him to gather chestnuts and hickory nuts beneath his secret trees. My father had a garden to. Yes sir a lot of good memories of goin out looking for food and pickin fruit, watermelon in the field, eating grapes right off the vine, a bucket full of cherries, those were all good times.

My mother and her mother were the cooks. Good things to eat sure, but it was more about what they did with those fruits and grains that had allure. I remember well the days my mother melted wax when she was making jam and better yet when that was spread on grandma’s fresh baked bread. They made special jars of summers food so in winter we would have a feast even though the garden was snowed under two feet deep. From pickin to pickling, I’ve had a long relationship with food. Knowing where and when it came from and sharing it with family and friends.

That is the kind of stuff they talk of on Garrison Keelers’ radio show Prairie Home Companion. About families and how they are tied to the land. Musician Greg Brown appeared on the show some years back and sang  Canned Goods that mirrors what I’m trying to say and does it in a down home sort a way.

There’s a lot of conveniences in these modern times but there still ain’t no room for a potato bin when your livin in a condominium. Thanks to my dear friend Heidi at Wee Folk Farm for sharing this song.

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5 Responses to Canned Goods

  1. Lovely thoughts and words, thank you Dohn,
    Loved the evocative pic too.

  2. Even when I was much younger and lived in an apartment, I had a plot out in a field and canned. I didn’t need to but I sure loved it. Thanks for the memories.

  3. weefolkers says:

    Thanks darlin…i thought you might enjoy it

  4. Kari Anne says:

    Now that I have moved to a farm I’ve started canning again. It’s just great to see those rows of summer goodies waiting to be opened a cold winter’s day. Deliciousness to be served on newly baked warm bread. Thank you for a lovely post 🙂

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