The Art #s

Chris Jordan –  photographic arts

Artists throughout history

have helped define the relationship

we as humans have with the planet.

With imagery or  sculpted materials

they portray nature and our connection,

our views and our place in the world.

Heavenly relation  The Birth Of Venus by Botticelli 1486 

became a social relation by 1885 Seurat   

Modern Art  commentary


me    to establish a relation ship in balance with the heavenly and social. The art of Chris Jordan is social commentary that drives home an extremely important message. We are consuming the earth! Statistically 106,000 aluminum cans every 30 seconds, One hundred million trees yearly  in the U.S. to make paper for junk mail, 60,000 plastic bags in the U.S. every five seconds.  Abstract statistics and numbers are hard to connect with events in our daily lives. Chris Jordan in his project Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait hopes “to raise questions about the roles and responsibilities we play as individuals in a collective that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible and overwhelming.”

Each image portrays a specific quantity of something.This image depicts 270,000 sharks killed in the world everyday for the fins. Click the links below to see portraits of global mass culture: the Art #s.

2.4 million   Gyre : Running the Numbers II

28,000 x 42   Oil Barrels : Running the Numbers

About earthstonestation

promoting environmental education, protecting all species and preserving the wild places with art, music and storytelling.
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10 Responses to The Art #s

  1. Love how you recognize how Art, Science and the environment all intersect so profoundly. Thanks for the read (and for introducing me to a new artist!)

  2. Paul says:

    Amazing and thought provoking artwork. I have just been reading “Confessions of an Eco Sinner” by Fred Pearce and this morning read about metal extraction, etc. We are collectively responsible for quite a bit of mess. Hopefully this artwork will wake people up to their consumerism and inspire them to try and change.

    • People hear numbers and statistics and pass it off. Daily life has an impact that isn’t seen.Collective consumption is overwhelming but collectively we can make a difference. I hope the sharing of this art encourages change. Peace.

  3. Wow – thank you for sharing. This is so very amazing and as always though provoking as well. I do so enjoy your posts 🙂

  4. I agree. Very thought provoking.

  5. hellenjc says:

    As ever a very thought provoking post. Thank you.

  6. Cathy says:

    This IS “enormous, incomprehensible and overwhelming”. I’m speechless.

  7. xandimusic says:

    Very nice designs, like your artworks!!! 🙂

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