Purple Spring

Across the northern hemisphere, green shoots appear and flowers dear, people giving thanks, that spring is near. Snowdrop, crocus are rejoicing, birds are voicing, joy the warmth and sun and colors here.

Even in Hawaii where the climate is moderate and mild throughout the year all species know that spring is here.The seasons change is just a whisper in the wind. A watercolor soft with purple chased by yellow before the Polaroid of summer settles in. In late February/March the Jacaranda Mimosifolia is where it all begins.

The Jacaranda Mimosifolia is commonly known as Jacaranda, the fern tree, blue jacaranda and blue trumpet tree. The Jacaranda grows to a height of anywhere  from 5-50′ tall and 15-60′ wide. A native of South America it is now cultivated almost anywhere in the world where there is no risk of frost. On the Big Island of Hawaii it is found mostly at the 1,000 – 2,000 ft. cooler elevation in well drained soil. Flowering occurs in spring before new leaf growth begins and the flowers are grouped in large  panicles.  As an ornamental the profuse flowering is regarded magnificent by some and quite messy by others.

For now it makes me smile. Every year I look forward to the Jacaranda blooming and the watercolor pastel purple spring. Then it is gone. Unto everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn.

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12 Responses to Purple Spring

  1. farmergal says:

    What beauty! Here in West Central PA I’m awaiting the simple, little, yellow coltsfoot, a humble flower that adds its sunny face to even the poorest soil. It’s not spectacular like your spring harbinger but sings out “Spring” as beautifully as any exotic bloom.

  2. McEff says:

    Excellent pictures. Wish I was there. It’s cold here in northern England, with a hard frost this morning. Life’s stirring though – crocuses through in the garden and broad beans sprouting in the polytunnel ready to be planted out in two or three weeks or so. Things go round.

  3. axis media says:

    Grwat images! I allways new it was spring in kealakakua when this mighty tree bloomed! Thanks for the memory!

  4. Tess Kann says:

    Ah, spring. We haven’t really had winter here in Canada this year (a novelty), so the spring flowers are poking their little heads up towards heaven. I hope we don’t get a freeze that might kill the little shoots.

    Love these pictures. I’ve never seen a tree that bears purple blossoms except for the lilac bush which is common here.

    • Lilacs had always been one of my favorites and there are lots of them in New Mexico. I still get a thrill every spring when the Jacaranda blooms – it is unlike anything I grew up with.

  5. iCat Says says:

    iCat Says: Meow! Just as I am a recovering (almost cured due to the cost lol): ‘I gotta go to Hawaii junkie’ – you post this! 🙂

    • With cost of airfare in mind, I’m a prisoner and can not leave.

      • iCat Says says:

        iCat Says: I would gladly turn in this prison of winter and the accompanying cold, ice and snow, for your prison, however, it is paradise here in the summer and that’s when I love being here, but, the winters…. Meowouch! 🙂

  6. Cathy says:

    A beautiful colour, and I love the shape of the trees. I look forward to the cherry blossom here, although in Japan it is much more spectacular.

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