A Talk by Harald Haas

There is an old adage that says we should learn something new everyday.

Choate Rosemary Hall

Hopefully we do. Not just another bit of trivia or some insight reported in a news sound bite but some practical information we can usefully incorporate into our lives. Ideas that can improve the way we do things, or spark some creative thinking that expands our horizons. Exposure to new ideas and environments is how we enrich our selves.

With winter weather soon approaching many people will be spending more time indoors at home, reluctant to venture out. The computer tucked into a corner or alcove of the home becomes the primary source of entertainment and information. This solitary absorption of digital data is a poor substitute for experiential learning though. Breaking out of that comfort zone to experience new things can be a challenge but the rewards are usually quite surprising. Next time you find your creativity or daily experience is becoming mundane and stale make plans to attend a social meeting. The social interaction of a performance at the theater is an example of an alternative to television. It’s all about the shared experience. Participate in something out of the ordinary. Here’s a suggestion, attend a talk. A talk is an opportunity to hear a person of a particular profession speak on a topic that they are knowledgeable and passionate about. The setting is comfortably indoors and presented to an attentive audience. The benefits are in the social interaction, exposure to new ideas and the cost is often minimal or free of charge. The experience may open new doors for you, generate new topics for discussion and if nothing else will be an adventure  you will remember.  You will learn something and even just the experience is new.

The following link is an example of a short but exciting talk. If you have ever wondered what the next great technological leap will be, this is it. Harald Haas demonstrates how wireless data can be transmitted from an everyday light bulb. The talk is 13 minutes long. If you have the time you can watch it now or come back and enjoy it later. You will certainly learn something new about the future.  I think you will enjoy this. Aloha.

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5 Responses to A Talk by Harald Haas

  1. Tess Kann says:

    Exciting thinking. Thanks.

  2. ailsapm says:

    Love this! And love TED too 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Good advice! And a fascinating talk too! I’ve occasionally watched TED talks before and they are always really interesting.

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