World Peace day

Kamehameha the Great

The consolidation of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha I into one kingdom was one of the greatest achievements in Hawaiian History. It allowed the people to live in peace and the aloha to grow and flourish. E hauka’ i p (let us journey together) to spread the aloha on this day of world peace.

from wikipedia: Kānāwai Māmalahoe, or Law of the Splintered Paddle   is a precept in Hawaiian law, originating with King Kamehameha I in 1797. The law, “Let every elderly person, woman and child lie by the roadside in safety,” is enshrined in the state constitution, article 9, Section 10 and has become a model for modern human rights law regarding the treatment of civilians and other non-combatants during battle. It was created when Kamehameha was fighting in Puna. While chasing two fishermen (presumably with the intention to kill them), his leg was caught in the reef, and one of the fisherman, Kaleleiki, hit him mightily on the head with a paddle in defense, which broke into pieces. Luckily, Kamehameha was able to escape. Years later, the same fisherman was brought before Kamehameha. Instead of ordering for him to be killed Kamehameha ruled that the fisherman had only been protecting his land and family, and so the Law of the Splintered Paddle was formed.

The complete original 1797 law in Hawaiian

Māmalahoe Kānāwai:
E nā kānaka,
E mālama ‘oukou i ke akua
A e mālama ho‘i ke kanaka nui a me kanaka iki;
E hele ka ‘elemakule, ka luahine, a me ke kama
A moe i ke ala
‘A‘ohe mea nāna e ho‘opilikia.
Hewa nō, make.
Peace, Dohn

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3 Responses to World Peace day

  1. Simply Tim says:

    (Would take our government 20,000 pages to say that today.)

  2. Simply Tim says:

    Law of the Splintered Paddle:

    O my people,
    Honor thy god;
    respect alike [the rights of] men great and humble;
    See to it that our aged, our women, and our children
    Lie down to sleep by the roadside
    Without fear of harm.
    Disobey, and die.

    Pretty much says it all.

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