More Organic Boat

I love this planet and the beauty of the earth. This day I decided to push the boundary of previous hikes and explore a new section of coast line. On the return trips I’m always amazed at what had I discovered.

Pu'ukoholA Heiau

I followed a seldom used road and found this old outrigger in a deserted area. It looked worth investigating for a photo. Click any image to enlarge.

Looking a little more closely I discover a fish trap. Handmade of bent sappling and lashed together with twine. A very old traditional style basket trap using no modern materials.The rope work caught my eye next. Compared to how much the paint had weathered the ropes were surprisingly clean and bright. Everything lined up precisely and tightly knotted. Any parts connected to the hull and outrigger arms  was all tied with the same meticulous care. The artistry and skill of an unknown mariner.The boom is made into a walkway by lashing bamboo poles together. The hull of the boat is so very narrow and I would imagine this platform was used for fishing and lowering the trap into the water. Under the walkway are more bent sapplings for a shelf or stability.Traditional knowledge is being lost every day  around this planet. Modern materials replace local resources, indigenous cultures disappear, generations grow old. Our heritage as humans is diminished. Historic preservation is not limited to buildings and architecture, it applies to all aspects of our human endeavors. Any one who has been thinking about getting a boat but is concerned about the environmental impact of fiberglass and gasoline might consider this outrigger style. I don’t think you will find a more organic boat.

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3 Responses to More Organic Boat

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! So much wisdom has been passed on to the bloke that made this boat! It would appear that pure necessity over considerable time,with tweaking and adjustments and a constant process of communication about design and structural decision,not forgetting aesthetics has come up with this beautiful boat as a result.Respect to each and every step along the way and every brother that gave his two cents worth!

  2. jpgreenword says:

    Wonderful pictures. The whole boat is wonderful, but the “rope work” is incredible. There is something about hand made objects that so impressive.

    Thanks for sharing!

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